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Multifarious Nature

About Multifarious Nature


I'm Sarah VanEyck, a creative maker based in Dorr, Michigan, with a passion for color, art, vintage, and nature. I was born and raised in Northern Illinois, with the desire for something more. I create and make each piece found on Multifarious Nature.

Creating is in my blood, my mom was the first to entertain my creative spirit. Whether it was play dough, crayons & paper, or finger paints. I couldn't get enough. My first chance to get out of Illinois and truly explore on my own came in college. I earned my bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting from Western Michigan University.  While I love painting, my degree allowed me to explore other media. One such experience was a semester in Florence, Italy, taking a batik and painting conservation course.
After graduating I did what most recent graduates do, I moved home with my folks, and looked for a job. First the ideal  full-time, when that didn't work, anything! After splitting time between part-time jobs in Illinois, I found it a full-time job as a jewelry apprentice/ clerical. This allowed me the freedom to move out of my folks place.  Also, that is where I got to see up close not only new pieces of jewelry, but vintage beauties. While this job was interesting and taught me a lot, it was extremely stressful. I was missing being creative.

When visiting family in Michigan, I took a chance and started applying to jobs in the area. Now I work full- time in an office during the day and create for Multifarious Nature anytime I get the chance.

Multifarious Nature started as a way to be creative and share what I find beautiful with all of you. Many of the materials used in pieces for Multifarious nature are found or inspired by the coast of Lake Michigan. Thank you for stopping by and come back soon, you never know what you might find!